January 21, 2010

New (girl-crush overload) Runaways Stills!

Update: And some more awesomeness via Collider - thanks Lolypop82

Click for all kinds of badass!

Gah... just... GAH!

Thanks Irene :)


  1. I hate KStews hair!!!!

  2. Wtf Anonymous? :S
    That's part of Joan Jett, deal with it :S

  3. These two are so cute together. I think they have a nice chemistry working together too, like KS and RP. It's not that common, but comes across the screen well when it's there.

  4. I'll admit that I wasn't initially all that psyched about The Runaways (and I was a big Joan Jett fan back in the day) but the more footage I see, the more certain I am that I will be there opening night!

    : )

    Fine, Lorabell - you win - I am developing a KStew girl-crush - are you happy now???

  5. @Snarkier Than You: Mu ah ah ah! It's about time - geeez ;)
    - Lorabell x

  6. I know this focuses mostly on Joan and Cherie, but I'm excited to see Scout Taylor-Compton as Lita Ford. I adore Lita and I'm hoping they are able to show how bad ass she is!!!

  7. Amazing pictures! I actually like Kristen's hair!


  8. I cant wait. I love how Kristen got so into her character that it took her a while in real life to rid herself of Joans manerisms. She looked like she could kick P Diddys ass at the Mtv music awards. LOL!


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