January 27, 2010

New EW Outtakes :) Good Morning!

Speed post:

Via Robsessed :)


  1. WOW, how white are Taylor's teeth in the second pic!!! Seriously, he needs to do toothpaste commercials!!

  2. Hahaha Robert can jump!Flippy can jump!
    God, in the 3rd pic he took my breath away *-*

  3. Good Morning indeed! I get up at 5:30 to work out and then I get rewarded with this! Oh that man is FINE. Thank you!

  4. The first pic scared me(just a little).
    @anony 6:04 LOL. Taylor teeth reminds me of the old "Friends" episode where Ross got his teeth whitened and he glowed in the dark. Too funny.

  5. I'm... sorry? There was a pic of Taylor?

    All I saw was Angry Sex pic, Hawt In a Suit pic, Your Hand is Where My Mouth Should Be pic and Holy Crap Could You Possibly Get Any More Adorable pic.

    The things this man does to me...

  6. @anonynymous 6:04... whaha xD
    wouldn't that be a bit to low for him.. xD (you know what i mean? I'm not that good with english)

  7. HAHAHAHA, the last picture needs the caption: STOP! HAMMER TIME....."


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