January 14, 2010

KStews message to Conan...

Update: And a message from Taylor - thanks Char
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Pink sharpie?

After Kristen's New Moon promo interview with Conan (you know, the one in that killer dress where she touched his hair?) she left this on the guest wall.

I can't decide if she means that the interview or her note was really original... ?

Via FireceBitchStew

- Lorabell


  1. i undestood the "really original" as being some kind of joke about her own message. because it was just a "thank you".

  2. not sure whether the comment was about him or her joking idk?

  3. I think she meant "thank you" wasn't very original.

  4. She meant the note.

  5. i thought it as she was being sarcastic about sighning guest names on a wall since every talk show host does it ... but thats just me

  6. Hah I thought that the really original part was something someone else wrote in response.

  7. Check out Taylor's message to Conan here: http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/kristen-stewart-and-taylor-5?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter


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