January 26, 2010

Kristen Helps Haiti from Sundance!

Speed post: Click for biggerI seriously would've paid $1000 to hang with the Stew - why did I not know about this?!

Via E! - thanks Shraddha

- Lorabell *gah!*


  1. We could pay half of it and spend half of the day with her.

  2. Good for The Stew. I appreciate her concern and caring. And good point about the flight. ;)

  3. Glad to see/hear she did contributed by giving some fans something in return, but I hope she donated a little on her own too. I would think she can spare a little she's been working non-stop for a long time. Didn't the report say, when her private jet arrived at Utah, already say it came from England where she was spending the holiday's and some down time with Rob? Wasn't a big mystery- since they were photographed together.

  4. That's awesome ^.^
    I wish I could hang out with her, so sweet ^.^

  5. I knew Kristen would find some way to help out the people of Haiti. On an off-note, is that Rob's striped shirt she is wearing?



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