January 25, 2010

Kristen & Dakota join Joan & Cherrie on stage!

Argh, the video isn't great but, in theory, this is too awesome!

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. What's it say JJ and the blackbuckets??

    You know I was surfing around today, with the sundance films and all and went to a couple of sites talking about KS and whether she would be good in The Runways or if she would just be associated with Bella and(not be able to act). I have to say, the comments were pretty brutal and the majority are negative about Kristen. It is my hope that she or any actor doesn't read this stuff, cuz it would get to you after awhile. This is why I like this site, cuz most ppl here have opinions which is great, if we all thought the same way it would be a pretty boring place, but most here keep the brutality of the "real actor" at bay and discuss the characters or roles these ppl play. I enjoy this type of discussion, not tearing down the human soul piece by piece. Ok I'm getting off the soap-box now- I too am very opinionated:))

  2. Anyone who has watched the body of Kristen's work knows this girl has a LOT of talent--"Cake-Eaters," "Panic Room," "Adventureland," just to name a few outstanding performances. Americans are hard-wired to prefer the typical bubbly blonde Hollywood kitten personality that dominates our cinema and the rest of our culture. They cannot handle very gifted,"unique" (to quote Rob) out-of-the-mold females (like Susan Sarandon, Helena Bonham Carter) without heaping a pile of criticism on them. Blame years of living in a paternalistic society. Kristen, you're doing something RIGHT to bring on such animosity -- keep the faith, honey, lots of us are with you!!!


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