January 23, 2010

Kellan donates clothes to help Haiti

Oh monkey man :) good on you for donating to Teens for Jeans - everyone can give what they can - money, time or even clothes...

Or you can give by purchasing the songs from the Hope for Haiti Now compilation on iTunes:

You'll get great music and do something amazing for others. The artists and record companies are forgoing their cuts and giving those funds to charity

- thanks TJB ;)

Read more of what Twilighters are doing by bloggy-bud Eyes of Amber *hearts*

Pics via PopSugar

- Lorabell


  1. Oh our sweet "Emmett"! Wish Kellan donated the one's he was wearing:))

    ON another note - tonight's the live chat at 7:30 with our beloved PFach for the premiere of TWILIGHT on Showtime. He's taking Q&A live.


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