January 6, 2010

Extended Interview with "Robsten" spotter...

Speed post ;) go HERE to listen to the extended interview with Holly "shoe-shirt/Robsten" spotter

Thanks Shraddha!

- Lorabell "In LONDON?!"

P.s. @Letter2Twilight get the shirt at New Look - I can't find it online but I did find THIS :D


  1. Lorabell and your speed posts - now I feel the need to listen to the interview.

  2. Am I the only Robsten fan who felt that the interview actually got me questioning whether or not they really are together instead of confirming they are? This interview had a completely opposite effect on me than what it what it was suppose to.

  3. I agree. I posted in the first post of this link that it feels like this whole relationship between them is congered up by Summit, to keep the fans guessing and actually wondering if they are or arent together. They were with a bunch of friends and they have spent the last 2 years working on the same projects so I could see how a great friendship would develop.

  4. "it feels like this whole relationship between them is congered up by Summit"
    That's what I first thought as well, but can't see it being the case anymore. They are not working, haven't been for a few weeks and this was NYE, no way would they spent it together for any other reason that they wanted to spent it together. Now, obviously they could be just really good friends, but imo there is too much smoke without a fire...

    Also they were with friends, but most likely with Rob's friends. He has spent NYE there also before with his friends (rest of the brit pack) and obviously Kristen is now part of that tight friendship group for one reason or another.

    Also they have spent so much of these past 2 years together working so I'd think now when they have time off they would actually spent time with their other friends - not with eachothers. So imo they are either together (doesn't need to be something very serious at all) or they really are BFFs, it seems like Kristen didn't even spent this much time with Nikki before...

  5. Do you really think Kristen would travel for another continent on NYE just to see a friend and say "Hey Rob, happy new year"? She left her family and her friends in LA on a special date. Last year she spent lots of time with Rob, filming New Moon Eclipse and doing the promotion the film. Look at pics in Paris. Seriously? Do you really think they are just good friends? Do you leave your family on a special date just for see a friend? Do you travel 11h for see a friend? when you have phone or internet? Kris hates the cold , and right now in London is freezing. Why Kristen doesn´t spent NYE with her brothers or Niki best-friend? She loves taylor too, why she doesn´t spent NYE with him as a friend? Think about this people... And what the little girl said for you doubt about Robsten? Can you tell me please? :) because i don´t understand very well english (blushing)

    PS: Sorry my english :)

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  7. Patricia, I agree,
    But I still think this girl is rude cause it seems like she's benefiting (English? :P)
    from this situation.. I mean talking about your 15 minutes of fame for being on a pic with Rob and Kristen, okay.. But talking about if this means they have a relationship or not.. That's rude, that's private life..
    (We're doing the same right now, but we're talking in secret about it, she's talking out in the open where Rob or Kristen can hear..)

  8. can you tell me please, what she said about "relationship" about Robsten? She´s speak fast LOL i can´t understant. TShe say something about them, i mean she said they aren´t together (couple) or something?

  9. ha -- she doesn't fancy Rob anymore. What a cute little girl ;)

  10. This little girl is the new love guru???in 5 minutes she assess a relationship? PLEAASEE, just common sense,I won't be traveling that far for a simple good buddy, he must be very special to her..that is what is important, leave them alone, so they maybe can have a break to make-it work

  11. i can't hear it... what does she say?

  12. I'm betting the radio-station approached her!
    Because as we all know the Isle of Wight is a small place no one really pays attention to.
    Their most probably using this whole thing as publicity to boost it's tourist business, in these crappy economic times.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY everyone calling the girl a "fame-whore"... get a freaking grip of yourself she's 12 for heavens sake.
    This won't be the last time this is going to happen.

  13. @ Anon 1:09 PM: You've got me convinced again :]
    You have very good points.


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