January 28, 2010

Every morning should start with EW outtakes :)

Update: More *nom* thanks to ROBsessed

Just the mention of Boxer Rob was killing me and now a pic.

Good morning, sunshine!

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. Oh man!!! Gooooood Morning ;) Thank you, my day is off to a fab start :D xx

  2. OME!! this is too much for one morning!! to quote lorabell: GAH!! :D:D

  3. Which issue is this one? Can you believe that I bought one in November and I haven't seen it yet? Neither the Harper Bazaar? I'm ashamed! I feel like a bad twihard!! haha Seriously is this new? Where can I get it???

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  5. It's cold and snowing here today, but after seeing these I'm nice and warm with a great big smile on my face:)) Thanks for the post

  6. Pic 3:
    "I DARE you not to look at them and not fanatasise. I DARE you!"

    Pic 4:
    Kristen: "Jealous much?"

    Pic 6:
    "...Just put the hood up, just put the goddam hood up!"
    *hides from fan girls*

    Pic 7:
    "Aw damn! I forgot to put the Stoli shirt on for the TwiCracks!"

    Pic 9:
    "Guys, guys... watch my Elvis impression!"

  7. oh my gosh, Rob, you are a highly attractive speciman!

    my favourites are:
    pic #1 - Rob giving himself an ass massage, wearing the same expression i wear when i fantasize about giving Rob an ass massage
    pic #7 - Rob is copying my every day expression, i.e. confused as hale

  8. rob......there are no words.....
    everymorning should start with pics like these

  9. I love Rob's expressions, seldom do I pause this long trying to figure out an expression on the male species. He is a blue blood, red blooded, blood lusted thorough bred. No contest Rob is #1.

  10. That's a wonderful way to start your day ;)
    The 4th one, so jealous, loves it ^.^
    Thank you so much hehe ;)

  11. Three words: Oh. My. Gah.
    "The best part of waking up is Robert Pattinson."

  12. I just took a shower and then saw these and now I'm sweating all over and need to take another. GAAAAHHH! This guy is definately our saviour and our destroyer!


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