January 7, 2010

EPIC Emmer Effing Oscar Contention!

New Moon, Little Ashes and Adventureland have been entered for OSCAR contention -which means they've been entered and and accepted for consideration, if the Academy votes the could be nominated - whoop whoop!

It's worth it just for some RTux...

And I do not mean the Little Ashes kind *shudder*

Thanks KStewartFans and ROBsessed for the gif!

- Lorabell


  1. Hmm, I wonder if any of them will make it into any categories? I have my doubts, but I still wonder.

  2. little ashes maybe the rest have no chance

  3. definitely not new moon (some of the worst critical reviews of the year)

    little ashes-may but highly doubtful

    adventureland- possibly for writing (definitely most deserving)

  4. I haven't seen LA yet but just from the snippets I have seen I would think it would havve the best chance for nomination out of those three.

  5. Little Ashes is the most likely - but the other two? No. Just no.

    I mean, I liked New Moon but it was far from Oscar worthy and when it wins awards like MTV movie awards and Teen Choice and things like that, I accept that because those are popularity over quality.

    I didn't think all of the acting was that good in Adventureland and it was nothing special really.

    If LA got nominated then I wouldn't mind, but the other 2? No... even fans don't have to wear rose tinted glass while watching the movie - there's plenty of movies I absolutely adore but I'd seriously be shocked and confused it they were nominated for an Oscar. New Moon is like junk food, it may be enjoyable but it doesn't mean it's actually good.

  6. if any of those movies are nominated i will know the oscars no longer mean a thing.

  7. @Anon 1:10 PM - "New Moon is like junk food, it may be enjoyable but that doesn't mean it's actually good." Great way to put it.

    The only reason I have for LA not getting any love isn't due at all to Rob. He clearly gave his all, I just think he would have done a much better job with such a huge, awkward role in say...5 years.


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