January 23, 2010

Eclipse composer confirmed...

Howard Shore is on board to compose the original score for the third film in the Twilight series, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Temple Hill Entertainment today confirmed to MovieScore Magazine that the Lord of the Rings composer is going to write the music for the film, following in the footsteps of Carter Burwell (who scored the first film in 2008) and Alexandre Desplat (who wrote the music for the second, New Moon). Shore has begun work, spotting the movie, this week.
Via Twilighters

Until then, if anyone's making a fan trailer, may I suggest the following soundtrack awesomeness:

- Lorabell

P.s. Florence + the Machine are also behind the New Moon perfectness that is Cosmic Love


  1. that's my FAVORITE song right now! :)

  2. PS check this out :)


  3. Love that song ^.^
    @ Anon 12:00, I liked that video, thanks :)

  4. dang, howard shore is sinking low.
    oh well. at least the music will be good.

  5. That song is delishatasticly addictive and a great back up for creating my stuff.

  6. I love this song! I said you should have used it when you were thinking about making a video with those EPICALLY SEXY pics of Rob... before you were told to remove them and the fandom went into a mild state of depression haha!


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