January 1, 2010

Different version of NM's "break up" scene!

Happy New Year, fellow addicts :) I was surfing around looking for some good crack to post and came across this over at Lion_Lamb...

Remember when that leaked clip of New Moon where Edward leaves Bella from the Rome Film Festival? It turns out it's different from the final movie version!

The earlier music seems to reflect the scene better and emphasize the emotion... I'm liking it more *ducks and covers* I dunno, what do you think?

- Lorabell

P.s. I'm sure there are loads of other things but I've also noticed that the kiss scene in Volterra is different - Bella doesn't kiss Edward until they're inside the tower in the finished movie, but in a trailer/leak (?) she kisses him on the steps. Check out the nommy gif in the side bar - it's different... but I ain't complainin' ;)


  1. yeah, I'd noticed before that Roslyn went on a little longer in the background in the earlier version, but I'd never noticed that after that, they were actually playing a different song! it's good! and I really like the sighing sort of thing, in the end. it makes it really.. idk, sad, mysterious. I hope they'll release the song sometime..

  2. I feel dumb saying this but... I didn't feel a change of atmosphere, be it more sad or more lonely. :/

  3. oh noes the video is gone! grrr Summit.

  4. I always miss the darn things!

  5. I totally noticed the Volterra kiss being different too! There's an interview with Chris Weitz a while back where he's asked why Edward gets covered up with the red robe and he says it's because originally the kissing and arguing with Demetrie/Felix/Jane scene took place outdoors. They had to cover up his sparkly vamptastic skin. (He didn't say vamptastic, that was all me. LOL)

  6. I didn't see it, the video is already down :/ oh well...

  7. ohh. i didn't notice the song was gone in the final version. so THAT'S why i wasn't tearing up or getting even misty eyed when i saw this in theaters.

    Though when i did watch the earlier version when it was leaked, i did tear up.
    funny. cuz when i listen to the new moon soundtrack, and then it get's to that song, it reminds me of the break up scene, unknowingly it's not in the final version lol.

  8. fml it's gone already! that's what i get for sleeping 'til noon.

  9. hey I noticed that when Mike, Bella, and Jacob are watching the movie at the theatre you can see that Aro is in the background also watching the movie!

  10. Try this one -
    It's a little shorter, Bella doesn't chase after him, it's the one from Rome.

  11. Thanks Anna. But I couldn't tell the difference between this scene and the movie verison. I remember Roslyn playing in the movie verison.

  12. i have the breakup scene from the film festival and its definitely different from the movie version. It was way better

  13. In the movie version you can hear all these birds chirping and stuff. Roslyn was playing in the beginning of the one from the festival (and played longer than in the movie).It then faded into a different song, which was not the same as the one in the movie. Hope that makes sense......lol

  14. did anybody else notice that rob mumbled the whole time during new moon? if i hadnt read the book i wouldnt know what he was saying lol

  15. i dont remember seeing a different kiss i just remember the paps pics from when they were filming the kiss outdoors (how could we forget? lol). i guess it never made it to the movie :(

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