January 10, 2010

Dakota sings lead on Runaways trailer

I gotta say, when the Runaways trailer came out, I thought it sounded like Kristen singing (even though it's a Cherie song). Apparently according to Cherie Currie herself, Dakota took the lead on "Cherry Bomb" with Kristen joining for the chorus.

And just because I can't wait to see this movie...

Thanks indefinable_ali via Born 2 B Jetthead

- Lorabell


  1. I can't wait! :D
    Does anybody know if it premieres in march in Holland too??

  2. Well I'm glad that it is Dakota singing the lead b/c Cherie sings the lead in the original song. I think Kristen said somewhere that all the songs were pre-recorded.

  3. Hello everyone. Thanks for posting this on your site! I'm a Twicrack Addict too, and I've loved your site for a long time now. I'm on Twitter as @JJElektric if anyone wants to follow me.

  4. They don't sing live, Kristen says it in this interview (her most recent Regis and Kelly interview, at about 1:30 she says it's pre-recorded):


    Yeah, I knew it was Dakota singing, Cherie sang lead on Cherry Bomb it wouldn't make sense for Kristen to be the one singing.


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