January 1, 2010

Coming down from a Robsten high with some half-nekkid Kellan *melts*

Dang, those are some large man-nipples - for real!

Looks like he waxes his happy(-bunny) trail... just sayin'

Jenny Jerkface - I love you... now limber up ;)

Kellan celebrated the New Year in Miami at Klutch Nightclub and then got his abs on poolside - ow ow!

He was never really my fave Cullen (Jacksper had me at "Oh, I think we can handle that" with all his baseball skillz) but after having seen how McDimply he is in person, I have a bit of a soft spot for him now :)

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. I love it that he is so enthusiastic with fans :D
    I never met him in real life, probably never will, but if by some miracle I do, then it will be great cause of his enthusiasm ^^

  2. I love how he's chillin' in his trunks,
    while Rob and Kristen are freezing to death (x

  3. He's always been the one for me! *sigh*
    All you all drooling over Rob or Taylor or Jackson or Peter... I have been adoring Kellan all the while! :D
    Hippity, Hoppity, down the bunny trail, hee hee hee hee...;)

  4. First official Robsten confirmation (as IF i ever doubted!) and now halk-nekkind Kellan with a Jenny Jerkface shout-out - I love, you, 2010 (and Lorabell, too!).

    : )

  5. haha I like that "McDimply"... let's now refer to Kellan as "McDimples" ;-)

  6. LOL! Nice. I'm with you, Lorabell - I never really thought too much about Kellan Lutz until that day we met him. Sort of. He is really very charming.

    And he's seen the panties. Ugh.

  7. I hate treating him like a piece of meat - it makes the feminist in me scream bloody murder. But, his body is mmm, mmm, good, on top of him being the prettiest person I've ever seen. These pics do not do him justice. However, thank you for sharing them with us.

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