January 31, 2010

Taylor looking nommy in "Orange" tailoring ;)


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Taylor's promo as LG & Orange Star Ambassador - I got a chuckle out of how big the heels are on his shoes ;) still looks crazy hawt all fitted white-shirt and dress-pants-ed up though... when's his birthday again?!

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell

P.s. I really don't understand what this whole campaign is about but it sure is perdy!


  1. I'm serious - when is his birthday? I hate being the pervy 'ole lady, but this child really can wear a suit. Put him in some jeans and a t-shirt (and not a wet one) so he can look his age.

    I was out to dinner last week and my friend who likes Twilight, but isn't addicted like us kept going on and on about how hot Taylor was. I kept interrupting her and stating he's only 17, but she just didn't hear/understand me. Then finally it sank in, the look on her face was priceless - I wish I could've taken a pic of it.

  2. I generally never leave comments on Taylor pics because I'm terrified that Chris Hansen is going to show up at my doorstep but since his birthday is in a few weeks (I think) I figured it's okay.

    Because he is hot. And I'm a disgusting pervy old lady for saying that. I'm kind of okay with that.

  3. @Jenny Jerkface- LOL!! Chris Hansen... So true:))

  4. His birthday is Feb. 11
    Just like 2 more weeks ladies lol

  5. okay, what's this for? I mean, what is the reason behind this video?? is he seriously coming to Europe or what?

  6. Are. You. Trying. To. Kill. Me?

    This boy can sure wear a tailored shirt and fitted pants like no other. If he had the full suit on I might have died right then and there.

  7. And he goes commercial...sigh~

  8. Sexy...please hurry up and have your birthday so this doesn't feel weird anymore LoL ;)

  9. Sweet delicious Taylor. YUM! Thanks for starting my Monday on the right foot.


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