January 9, 2010

Ashley SoBe Shoot Outtakes


Hummana hummana yeow! Jealous much anyone?

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. She's so young!! Why are her boobs drooping?

  2. they r not dropping. it only looks like it. she has nice boobs. even my bf said so :) and he doesn't like ugly ass boobs:)

  3. seriously?! "why are her boobs drooping"?!?!?!?

    OMG, quit being so judgmental. She's gorgeous. Her boobs are gorgeous. And as anyone who is endowed w/ a C cup or bigger can tell you, unless they're fake, gravity kicks in. The only boobs that don't droop are cute little perky ones, and silicone filled fake ones.

    Don't hate, appreciate.

  4. I'm suppose to be an adult so I don't want to have petty emotions like jealously of others beauty, but damn it - I'm jealous of her body, her legs, her beauty. Argh, I'm going to go eat some ice cream.

  5. Word Ninja, you've got a point there, now I'll never be insecure about my boobs again ^^ :P

    And TJB, leave the ice cream, I bet you're pretty too :)


  6. Drooping? HA. That's not even close.

    She is PERFECT! Love these pictures. She is very beautiful.

  7. She's got an amazing body! I'd kill to look like that!

    Am I the only one who's a little weirded out that she doesn't seem to have nipples...photoshop much?? LOL

  8. Amen Word Ninja! I was going to say the exact same thing. C cup+ are never going to sit up high because believe it or not, breasts are not made of concrete. I think some people need to put down the playboys and start appreciating what real breasts look like.

  9. She has perfect real boobs...Good for her.

    She's beautiful.

  10. She's gotta be pretty secure with her body to wear a suit that is just painted on her body!

  11. -lmao!- it's like almost everyone is focused on her boobs lol. Their not dropping.
    I'm kind of thirsty now o.O

  12. nice bodypaint job
    she look hawt!!

  13. Her body looks great!! Is it just me or do her feet look really big? Like Paris Hilton big. Maybe it's just a bad angle? But still she's gorgeous and brave to be so exposed!!

  14. Lol kudos to Word Ninja, these pics make me want to go to the gym right now.

  15. Does ashley ever do something other than being naked or half naked in photoshoot or on the red carpet?

    Hope she finds a manager to tell her to get dress and go to audition.

    Being the sexy thing of the moment doesn't last ask jessica alba, megan fox, jessica biel, and other.

    Ashley you're gorgeous but please do something else.
    And twifans have the nerve to say nikki is a famewhore when they have someone in front of them almost naked everytime she is out. Oh god some people need to stop being so stupid.

    Not saying ashley is one but just underlining the irony of the situation.

  16. I used to love Ashley, but now I just think that she's slutty!! She needs to keep her clothes ON! It seems like she's just trying to extend her minutes of fame by doing anything and everything that she can. Sorry everybody, she's beautiful, but she lacks class.

  17. Travis WorthingtonJune 19, 2010 at 7:36 PM

    All you ppl that keep saying her boobs are sagging are F%#@%^&ng stupid. That is what gorgeous, NATURAL breasts look like! You'ld know that if you had a brain. The reason they appear to sag is because there isn't actually a bikini top there to hold them up...DUMB ASSES!!!
    Ashley is absolutly perfect.


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