January 26, 2010

Ashley Greene is Savvy Cover Girl in Red

Click for bigger...
Oooh, pretty :) Ashley's issue of Savvy is out next month.

It includes a ten page spread and interview on indie movie Skateland, which debuted at Sundance this week... though I've not heard anything about Ashley being in town :/

Via Team-Twilight

- Lorabell


  1. I love this site, because you make me hip to magazines I've NEVER heard about.

  2. she tweeted yesterday about being in Berlin...

  3. Very pretty. Was just wondering where/what the rest of the cast has been up to.
    @ TJB-me too.

  4. i think she is filming Apparition

  5. Great pics of Ashley, Love the red dress and here I spend all my money on black (usually because I can spill anything on it and get away with it) hee hee

  6. Someone at Sundance said Ashley was filming out of the country, that's why she couldn't make it. Also, Larry from @Larry411 said Skatepark was the only movie that was BETTER than he expected, which is good. Because with Stewdance, the last thing Ash needed was a crappy film. Hopefully now she'll get offered something that shows her skill. So she can show me she has some. Because I really want to like her, I do.

  7. Thank Jesus, she's finally got some clothes on! (.)(.)


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