December 31, 2009

What's David planning for a New Year's gift?!

David, don't tease us... unless it's an Eclipse teaser trailer!

- Lorabell *fingers, toes, eyes and appendages crossed*

Who else hearts 'staches?

*Click clunk* Bring him in.

Like Kristen *snicker* we can now all be Team Charlie - get yours here!

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- Lorabell

Finally ;) Kristen's BBC Radio 1 Interview!

At last in full - recorded when she was in town for the UK New Moon event - hands up if you were there?

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- Lorabell *hands up*

P.s. And just so they're all in one place, because it's hard to keep up:

December 30, 2009

Eclipse Release Dates - Whoop Whoop!

Argentina 30 June 2010
Brazil 30 June 2010
Egypt 30 June 2010
Kazakhstan 30 June 2010
USA 30 June 2010
Netherlands 1 July 2010
New Zealand 1 July 2010
Finland 2 July 2010
Norway 2 July 2010
Turkey 2 July 2010
UK 9 July 2010
Germany 15 July 2010

According to the IMDB - i.e. details may be subject to change, aka you better make the UK the same as the US *bitch face* - these are the international release dates for Eclipse - eeek!

Now can we have a trailer? Puhleeeease?!

- Lorabell

Kristen behind the scenes of Speak

I heart Speak big time... I heart Oregano a little too *tear*

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- Lorabell

December 29, 2009

Swiftner is no more?! :(

But they're so cute together :(

Reliable Gossip Cop reports:

The couple, who met on the set of the movie “Valentine’s Day,” began dating a little more than three months ago, but “it just wasn’t happening,” a Swift source tells Gossip Cop.

The insider added, “They met, they liked each other, went out a few times, but the media made a bigger deal of it than it was because they’re young and attractive.”

And while the two Taylors each jokingly acknowledged their budding relationship when hosting “Saturday Night Live,” it was never a whirlwind romance. The source described it as two young people going on a few (well-documented) dates, but it never materializing into anything more serious.

The break-up, says the insider, was “not big or dramatic,” nor was the romance “contrived,” as an Us Weekly source termed it.

“It just wasn’t happening,” reiterated the source, who said the two stars are still “going to be friends.”

The first confirmation of their actual relationship is the announcement that they've split...if I was a vampire, this would be on of those times where I wouldn't be able to cry.

- Lorabell *sad panda*

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New NM Promo Shot *shudder*

Click for bigger
Woah, I'm kinda glad this wasn't used - Robward looks like vampires do use the bathroom... and really really need to!

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- Lorabell

Beardy Rob spotted back home...

No, that's not Kristen in a new wig - that's Rob's sister

Mmm, beardy Rob - it's nice to have you home! As much I <3 seeing you, I'm glad you've been foxing the paps ;)

Thanks Lolypop82

- Lorabell

December 28, 2009

Tweet TCA for Top Twilight Site!

So, here's the deal fellow Twi-hards... we post in our spare time, often until veeery late and night, on top of (or sometimes at our) full time jobs and families because we're Twicrack addicts like you and love love love everything that gives us all a fix until those sparkling moments when we meet/mack-on/marry our fave Twi-cast of choice - it'll happen. Trust!

However, because we post the things other sites don't (i.e. all the leaked vids that get taken down and we have to keep replacing or pics we get lawyer letters about) we're not exactly on the "nice" list...

Although, we heart you all too much and wouldn't change a thing, it would be beyond all manor of schmexy epic win if this blog was voted amongst the top sites and "the man" had to include us for once - mu ah ah ah!

So, please please please - for every leaked teaser we've posted and reposted; for all the schmexy and funny pics we've uploaded; and for every late night past, present and future we try to keep up with all the crack - please tweet @Twilight that @TwiCrackAddict (and the awesomeness that is Twitarded!) is your top Twilight site!

Rob loves you :)

Jackson's proud parents, from Texas to Twilight - & cute high school pics along the way :)

The fact that Jackson's southern twang is authentic makes my heart skip just a little ;) yes ma'am!

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- Lorabell

Glam Greene Outttakes

A gorgeous new shot and some better takes from Ashley's Revue de Modes shoot, posted back in October - someone needs to photoshop that first one in with a pillow-clutching Rob VF shot ... just coz ;)

Via Lion & Lamb Love

- Lorabell

New/Old Rachelle Modelling - "Canadian" Apparel?

Looking gorgeous as always, Rachelle - we heart you - Victoria's sequence in New Moon is killer!

Thanks Emily :)

- Lorabell

Deleted NM Scenes?


Supposedly when Edward brings Bella home from Italy!

I'm definitely getting a very "I don't want you to step one foot inside my door" vibe from Charlie...

What else can we look forward to? Come on DVD extras!

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- Lorabell

Twitastic monthly crack for the new year...

Epic thanks to the awesome Novel Novice where you can get these in 1680 x 1050 and 1024 x 768

- Lorabell

December 27, 2009

New Eclipse Actors Added...

LunaNuevaMeyer noticed on Eclipse's IMDB page that three new minor characters are listed...

Monique Ganderto - "beautiful Vampiress" - one of Victoria's army maybe?

Ben Geldreich - "John" - vampire or human? Maybe even one of Jasper's soldiers... but when are we going to see Peter?
Update: RenezzmeeKarlie gets 10 sparkling dazzle points for remembering that John is one of Royce's friends *claps*

Justin Rain - "Quileute warrior" - maybe from a camp-fire legend flash-back?!

I can not wait for a teaser trailer already - eeek!!!

- Lorabell

December 26, 2009

When's will we see an Eclipse trailer?!

Well, if David doesn't know... come on, Sumit :/ let's bring in the New Year on an Eclipse note?

Anyone know of any awards ceremonies they might be waiting to premiere it at?!

- Lorabell *fingers crossed*

P.s. A while ago I posted a great fan-trailer set to Florence + the machine's "Cosmic Love" - if anyone has time to make an Eclipse one set to Florence's "Howl" then I might heart you for a very long time :)

Happy Holidays from PFach...

Everyone's favourite compassionate vampire Tweet his daughter's Santa-cam - we all know what a great Dad Peter is and obviously he's especially dazzling around the holidays :)

- Lorabell - I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas xxx

December 24, 2009


The Goddess who brings up all together - you, Rob, me, Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Rob - celebrates her birthday today!

Wishing you the happiest of days, Stephie :)

- Lorabell

Anyone else developing a girl-crush on Anna?

She's looking so gorgeous in these pics from Purple Magazine and was recently nominated for a Golden Globe (which Kristen text her to congratulate) and a SAG award but so many others that I can't even start to list them all.

Via Anna Kendrick Fan

- Lorabell

Sweet Baby Jesus - Schmexy Rob Pic Released!

Click for a very Merry Christmas!
One of Rob's smouldering pics from the saddest post that ever was, which we were forced to take down and our own (hysterical) alternatives!

Please please please let this mean more are on their way *fingers crossed*

Via ROBsessed

- Lorabell

December 23, 2009

New Hawt KStew Outtakes - Ow Ow!

From the awesomeness that was the Interview magazine spread - so gorgeous in a fantastically badass way!

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- Lorabell

The Runaways gets rated...

Twi-gals and guys... The Runaways is rated R - for "language, drug use and sexual content - all involving teens".

Yuuup, leather pants should've been clue number one ;)

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- Lorabell

New Pics - Rob & Kristen on Eclipse Set!

A little fuzzy but *eeek* - where's a teaser trailer already?!

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell

P.s. Heart the knitting!

Funny Critics' Choice Awards NM Spoof

I can't actually get this to work right now but apparently it's hysterical :)

Thanks Amanda!

- Lorabell

Want your own werewolf? Here's how...

Just a selection of images from CG Society where you can read through the fascinating "how to" if you have occasion to make your very own wolf...

Now just get, what's known in the industry as, a holy HALE load of $$$ and get have Tippett Studio to make it to spec :D

Via Twilight FaceBook

- Lorabell

December 22, 2009

Christmas NM Promo Trailer

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

Edward slow-mo'ing across the parking lot? Close up mackage?! "The most romantic movie of the year"?!?

They sure as sparkles know their audience!

Via Thinking of Rob

- Lorabell

Nikki talks Rosalie & K-11 in Venice Magazine

Venice: Talk about some of the opportu­nities that have opened up for you in the past year. Or have you even had time to enjoy them, you’ve been so busy.

Nikki Reed: It might take a couple of years before I can properly reflect on this whole thing. It’s been really crazy and everything is moving so fast that it’s hard to see it from an outside perspective...
I’m not a household name, I don’t think that I am, but if you mention the name Twilight now there’s an instant connection between you and whoever the person is in the world because they know what it is. And so it’s given me an opportunity to meet really cool actors that I idolize. You can say you’re in Twilight and they sort of get that maybe you get their insane world for half a second. And the cool thing is a lot of these actors have kids that love Twilight much more than they love their parents’ work because their parents are just their parents. But some really famous woman sent a letter to Rob saying, “Hey, will you sign something for my children? I’ve sent you some script covers to sign.” It’s just really incredible...

And it’s also weird to be so focused on what you look like physically. I’ve never worked on a film where I’m as concerned with things that seem so superficial. But how we look is really important, especially when you’re playing these characters that people really feel a connection with. They feel like they know them and not just because they’ve seen them on the big screen, but before that. So you want to make sure you look right and it’s really frustrating because sometimes it feels like it’s out of your control. And it’s never gonna be perfect and the word perfect seems to me like a very common word that’s used when describing us and that throws you off as well. It’s like, “What is perfect?” I don’t know.

Do you feel like there’s a similarity to what you went through with Thirteen?

There is a similarity, there is a connection, there totally is. That was like a cult phenome­non, obviously on a much smaller scale, but that was still something that made people want to know the person, want to connect with the person, want to ask the person questions. There were no boundaries with that movie, just like I feel there are no bound­aries with this.

What can you tell us about K-11?

I just don’t know what’s happening with it, but Jules Stewart, Kristen [Stewart]’s mom is directing. She wrote it as well, with a writing partner. Kristen and I both love the project; we hope it gets made, obviously. But other than that I don’t know what else to say ’cause we don’t have a start date and we’re kind of all wrapped up in this, she and I. So at least I know when my schedule is free, maybe hers will be free. We sort of know where the other one’s at. But we want to make it. It’s a great project and it’s an opportunity for me to play something that couldn’t be farther away from my situation, and people will no longer have the opportunity to say she’s playing herself. Even though I couldn’t have lived on my own, paid rent, tried to finish high school, without even having a dri­ver’s license, I couldn’t have done all those things if I was this crazy insane lunatic, which is the character I keep playing. Except in Twilight, which is also another great reason I’m happy to be a part of this, because of the mass exposure and the difference in what I’m playing. K-11 I get to play a role so different than myself and I always play roles different than myself. In fact, Ros­alie is the closest thing I’ve ever played to myself. It depends on how you look at her, but in terms of how protective she is over her family, and how loving she is, and not in a condescend­ing way, in a mature, wise way, how she can look at the big picture and see what’s best for her and her family. And I feel like that’s the role I’ve sort of always played.
Hm... I've never been overly opposed to Nikki but, I will say, this interview was not easy to edit down - girl can talk!

Read in full O_o at

- Lorabell *phew*