November 30, 2009

Holy CROW - NM makes $230.95M US & $473.8M worldwide!

Ka-CHING! What's that you say - I don't have to drive this piece of junk truck anymore?

Didn't Twilight make something like $400M last... YEAR? Am I wrong?! *goes to research figures*

Get the full break down at ProNetworks

- Lorabell

Super cute videos from London NM press conference

That's RIGHT Norweign 14-year-old, the Weitzmeister will shut you DOWN!

Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Chris cracking themselves up in the country where sarcasm was born - love it :D

oh, excuse me!

Thanks FePattz

- Lorabell..."willey-nilley" *snicker*

P.s. Anyone else kinda glad they cut Alice's "you're a human who knows entirely too much about us" line?

Twi-cast support ONE campaign

Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone and peers are teaming up with the ONE campaign fighting against global poverty:

Thanks Amanda - I agree :)

- Lorabell

Taylor plays fetch on Conan?

Well... kinda ;)

Is it wrong that I find this kinda hawt?

- Lorabell

P.s. Rumour according to EW is that Taylor will be hosting Saturday Night Live on December 12th - can we hope for a "monologue howl"?!

Back in the U of K... this is what happens when I leave the country?!

I'm away for two weeks and this is what I come back to London to find?!

... It's not like I can claim even ONE of those smooches is mine ;)

Thanks Shraddha!

- Lorabell *cringes from germs!*

P.s. I was a very bouncy and lucky bunny that got to go to the New Moon fan event in London - please let me know what you think of my review here :)

November 27, 2009

Catching up - New Moon mega promo round up!

George Lopez:

New Moon LA premiere:

Movie fone:

The Today Show:

Regis and Kelly:

Conan O'Brien:

Jimmy Fallon:

Jay Leno:



*phew* what I miss?

For even MORE click here :D

- Lorabell

P.s. Sorry for the randomly fuzzy nature of some of these videos and/or any gaps - it seems they've been re-uploaded more than once due to copyblah :)

How can one so adorkable be so smouldering?!

Click and swoon

Such is the science of RPattz - speaking of the photos "we do not post of", big thanks to Thinking of Rob for these scans from Germany's ONE magazine featuring a couple *siiiigh* :)

- Lorabell


Update: Gotta love a guy on a bike ;) check out Rolling Stone for Taylor's Q&A

Damn you and your awesome photos, Mark Seliger - these are totesdanghawt but also a teeeny bit wrong (just me?!) - release the ones we can not post of already!!!

Thanks ketpongsuda - check out the accompanying article at Rolling Stone

- Lorabell

PFach - you are my hero! Too funny Breaking Dawn teaser :D

Thanks LolyPop82 via E!

- Lorabell

Where the HALE have I been that I missed THIS?!

Kristen and Rob, done with New Moon promo, arriving in LA... speculate at will :)

Thanks ketpongsuda via Perez

- Lorabell

P.s. Sorry for the lack of bloggage: holidays + germs = slow posting :/

November 24, 2009

"Rob" & "Kristen" Tweet

Although his dad didn't make him do it this time, my spidey-sense says there was some other authority involved - hence the correct spelling... just sayin' ;)

Twit us a pic next time please, @Twilight?

- Lorabell

P.s. What about Taylor?

November 21, 2009

And just to keep you going after your New Moon high...

The Remember Me trailer!

When this came on before New Moon the other night I was all "ladies, calm yourselves" - then I watched it, I switched to "good GAWD that boy is fiiiine - GAH!"

Enjoy :D

- Lorabell

P.s. Can anyone recommend a good Eclipse counter?

November 20, 2009

How much is Jimmy Fallon crushing on KStew?!

Back of the line, bud! ... Fun interview though ;)

- Lorabell

P.s. I think this is the Bon Iver song they're talking about:

Update: and Taylor kicking Jimmy's butt - major LOL:

The Business of Robsten's Fauxmance is the Main Story on CNN

RobSten is front-page news on CNN in this article about the intense obsession over this New Moon fauxmance:
Are they or aren't they a couple? That's the multimillion-dollar question fueling the "Twilight" franchise.

According to gossip magazines, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been hooking up, breaking up, making up and shacking up for the past year. And as long as Pattinson and Stewart manage to keep fans guessing about the status of their relationship, they will manage to keep them captivated, helping to drive the box office sales for a movie that could have one of the biggest opening weekends of all time.

"Rob and Kristen become significantly less interesting as they confirm their love. The intrigue over Rob and Kristen stems from their youthful lust, and passion, and on-and-off, whirlwind relationship," said Jared Shapiro, executive editor of Life & Style Weekly, the first weekly magazine to put Rob and Kristen on their cover. "It's part of the fascination, that while real, they are also part fantasy."

Read the rest of the article at CNN.

P.S. As much as you know I love to read about RobSten, I feel scared that this is the headline story on CNN when there are so many other things going on in the world right now. Eek.

New Moon Breaks All Midnight Run Records

Variety reports that New Moon has already raked in lots o' dough:
Summit Entertainment's sequel "New Moon" has set box office history in breaking all records for midnight runs, grossing a whopping $26.3 million as it unspooled in 3,514 theaters at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

That easily beats the $22.2 million collected by "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" this summer.


Adorkable Rob on the Ellen Show

Clicky to watch video

So cute! Watch RPattz's fun Ellen DeGeneres interview here.

New Moon is a "Moral Vacuum": Vatican Gives New Moon a Poopy Review

As TwiTarded says, Suck It: New Moon is the Best Moral Vacuum I've ever experienced :-)

Awesome. Even the Vatican weighs in on New Moon:
The Vatican has blasted New Moon, calling it "deviant" and a "moral vacuum".

The Twilight sequel, which hits cinemas this weekend, has been criticised by the governing body of the Roman Catholic Church for its supernatural references.

"This theme of vampires in Twilight combines a mixture of excesses that, as ever is aimed at young people and gives a heavy esoteric element," complained the Vatican's culture council leader, Monsignor Franco Perazzolo.

He added, "This film is nothing more than a moral vacuum with a deviant message and as such should be of concern."

The Vatican's stance comes as something of a surprise as they have softened their stance on certain blockbusters recently - approving the most recent Harry Potter film and calling the sequel to The Da Vinci Code "harmless entertainment".
Ha ha.


Tristan Blewart: RPattz Dispels Rumors on the Today Show. Sorta. :-)

If you missed this from the other day, here it is. :-)

Ms. TCA's Spoiler-Free and Totally Random New Moon Commentary

Risking being recognized: Ms. TCA and her BFF Alice

So, New Moon may be getting shizzzy reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (wow - 29%, seriously?), but I saw New Moon last night, and I loved it!! Without giving anything away, here is my incomplete and totally subjective list of stuff that I loved:

1) Edward SPARKLES beautifully in New Moon!!! Not like the glitter-glue effect of Twilight. Somehow, they make RPattz even more gorgeous than he is!

2) Vampire make-up is seamlessly beautiful -- It always killed me that I could see Esme's make-up line end halfway up her forehead in Twilight

3) Bella doesn't blink like she's had too much caffeine this time around; KStew gives a really amazing, compelling performance. Loved her!

4) Superior Special Effects -- Now THIS is how Vampires are supposed to move. The stunts were convincing. I love you Chris Weitz!

5) Holy Jailbait -- Wow, I'm a diehard Team Edward gal, but I think Taylor Lautner was amazing as Jacob and I may have to go Team Switzerland from now on. Taylor was great - and so was the chemistry between him and KStew! Who else almost cried during the heartbreaking you-know-what scene? Sob.


Alright, there is so much more to love, but my addled brain is still on a New Moon high. Lorabell will have her own take too.


If you haven't seen it, run thee to the theater.


Update: Oooh, my tun my turn :D Lorabell's (NOT ENTIRELY SPOILER FREE - I've tried and I can't) New Moon best bits:

1) Victoria - killer music, gorgeous hair and awesome special effects!

2) Months - *tear* that is all!

3) Abs - aba + water, abs + sparkles, just plain abs = holy HAWTNESS!

4) Humans - Mike, Eric, Jessica, Charlie - you rock my socks ;)

5) The very nearly almost not quite - you know what I'm talking about - argh, kill me right now!!!

6) Alice's vision - Wait, what?!?! ZOMFE!!!


*Fangirl Squeal* Kellan & Peter Crash Our New Moon Screening - And I turn into a 13 year old again

Not only did Lorabell and I get to see New Freaking-Awesome Moon early last night, but we got a special treat when Carlisle Cullen and Emmett Cullen showed up in the flesh!

We attended the Twilight Mom's-hosted New Moon in New York event and it was a blast! It was a night filled with fun. Not only did we get tons of goodies, including NM Burger King crowns, a bag full of goodies, raffle prizes, and an Edward + Volvo poster, but we got to see Peter & Kellan up close when they made a surprise appearance for a charity auction where the audience bid on a chance to have dinner with the guys.

What a treat! We squealed like fangirls, of course. Loves it.

P.S. Kellan is soooo much hotter in real life than in photos! *Swoon*

P.P.S. New Moon was WONDERFUL!

More to come later. :-)

- Ms. TCA

Lovely Lorabell scowling at her Jacob cupcake

Our friend treated us with these yummy Twilight cupcakes!

How did you spend YOUR New Moon day?!

I'm not wearing black? Wait, what?!

Aw, how cute are we all matchy?!

*Siiiiiiigh* after months and months of waiting and anticipation and impatience, we finally get to see New Moon!

Lucky Mrs TCA and I got to spend the day with the Twitarded gals and a few kick-ass readers (I'm looking at you TJB) - not to mention, Peter and Kellan turned up at our screening for Alex's Lemonade - beyond awesome!

Kristen, Rob, Taylor and co did the red-carpet thang downtown and, I suspect, will now go into hybernation for winter!

Sooo, how did YOUR New Moon day go? What was your fave bit of the movie?! Were you lucky enough to see any of the cast?!?! Spill ;)

See more pics at ROBsessed and FierceBitchStew

- Lorabell

November 19, 2009

What better way to kick off New Moon day?!

Yeow - well hellooo! How did I miss these schmexy Rob out-takes?! *drool*

See even more hawtness at Vanity Fair

- Lorabell

Pretty Dresses and Tailored Taylor at Knoxville Screening

How cute/gorgeous/buff are these photos all at the same time?! And WOWZA those shoes are killer -meeeow!

See more at KStewartFan

- Lorabell

P.s. Hmmm, maybe she wasn't at the Mayer show (it started at 9 through 11) ... *phew*!

November 18, 2009

Kristen on Regis & Kelly

Kristen was on the Regis & Kelly show this morning (hence this TwitPic) and I was there!

They also pre-recorded an interview with Ashley Greene for next Monday :D

In case you missed the show:

I wish I could go tomorrow and Friday too for Rob and Taylor days *sigh* oh well...

- Lorabell

P.s. I was at a John Mayer show last night and apparently Kristen was there too... I wouldn't know because I missed her *facepalm*

November 17, 2009

Catching up on Conan... from NYC!

Love this interview - especially the dress - bow chica wah wow! I'd be happy if she gave me her shoes - this gal has a killer collection of heels --> jealous!

If anyone finds the Jimmy Kimmel videos, please let us know :)

- Lorabell

P.s. I'm now blogging from NYC - too excited to meet Mrs TCA, the Twitarded gals and so many more amazing peeps - IT'S NEW MOON WEEK PEOPLE!!! :D

Taylor Looking Fiiine At NM Premiere!

See more, plus the entire cast, at Celebuzz

- Lorabell

Yowza - Rob Suits Up For NM Premiere!

*nom nom nom*


Via Spunk Ransom

- Lorabell

WOW - Kristen at NM Premiere!

See more at Socialite Life

- Lorabell

November 16, 2009

Aaand... we're back - from Dublin with a NEW New Moon Clip!

Thanks Lolypop82

- Lorabell

P.s. I'm flying to NYC in the morning to meet up with Mrs TCA and Twitarded for a hot date with PFach and the New Moon screening on Thurs - blogging may be limited but it's for a good cause ;)

November 15, 2009

Did you see Stephenie on Oprah?

Update: ;)

Click to play

In case your DVR failed, here are a couple of tasters care of Oprah :)

- Lorabell

P.s. On a side note, I'm still blogging from Dublin - the New Moon event with Solomon is tomorrow and I'm super excited!
Apparently he wants to put me in a head-lock... I'll let you know how that goes - I'm thinking I can take him.
Come on down and say hi if you're in the Dublin/Ireland/Europe or other area :)

More from London: NM Twifecta interviews on T4

Thanks Shraddha!

- Lorabell

KStew's BBC Radio 1 Interview

Yeah, this is a Kristen interview - despite the Rob image (target marketing!) but hopefully a Rob one will turn up soon - I'll post as soon as I have it :)

Thanks Shraddha x

- Lorabell

Sneak Peek of the NM Score!

Hmmm... what do you think - Good/bad? Better than the soundtrack? Worse than Twilight? Inquiring ears want to know...

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell

Rob, Kris and Taylor: New Moon Munich

How cute are these photos?! Love it! And especially loving Kristen's hair - too cute!

I'm officially declaring: New Moon + Europe = Win!

Via RobertPattinsonOnline

- Lorabell :)