December 3, 2009

Win a Call From a NM Cast Member!

The official Twilight twitter is hosting a competition to win a call from one of the cast members from New Moon!

All you have to do is tweet @Twilight "I've seen New Moon ___ times! #SeeNewMoonAgain"

And whilst you're over there, don't forget to follow TwiCrackAddict and Lorabell :)

For more details and official rules go HERE via TwiExaminer

- Lorabell


  1. Wow, hope That whoever gets that call dosen't pull a "Edward" on their phone!

  2. @Anon 7.39: Lol, I had to think about that for 10 seconds longer than I should have!
    - Lorabell ;)

  3. only a year or so ago Twilight saga star Ashley Greene was a waitress but now she is one of the most popular actresses on the planet! i really liked her and i am waiting for the twilight eclipse. Here are some really rare pictures of this rising star on eclipse movie..


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