December 22, 2009

Who do Rob and Kristen want to kiss under the mistletoe...

I am hypnotized by his fingers - just sayin'!

I totes thought the questions were rigged!

I know who I want in my stocking ;) ifyouknowwhatImean?!

Thanks Shraddha!

- Lorabell


  1. haha kristen is like "its fate."
    and she gets the exact same question as rob does and i'm like "you should kiss rob under the mistletoe u better!"

    haha but rob's expression is priceless he's totally thinking about kristen, and whenever he thinks of her he gets flustered, and can't think straight. and as for kristen, she wanted to say rob. lol. i hope they kiss under it. lmao.

  2. now they will so kiss under the mistletoe. come on!!look at their adorable faces. LOVE

  3. His fingers? He could do NICE things with them! LOL

  4. They're so cute, each trying to sidestep the question and come out of it without getting into trouble! Rob's so smart to pick a guy! lol I swear I could sit and watch him all day & night!

  5. Oh those fingers... they could bring such magic!


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