December 31, 2009

What's David planning for a New Year's gift?!

David, don't tease us... unless it's an Eclipse teaser trailer!

- Lorabell *fingers, toes, eyes and appendages crossed*


  1. Hmm it could be coz no one gives gifts to people on New's Years
    ... unless it's wine for a party!


  2. Even a few pictures would do me just fine! JAWPORN

  3. Oh David...don't tease us!!! PLEASE give us SOMETHING on Eclipse!!!!

  4. I can't wait to see what he has in store for us.. ugh is there someway to turn off the animated gifts along the column on the side? they keep freezing up my computer every time i come to this site... :(

  5. Totally agree guys! Just a few pictures would make my freaking day. Im super excited to see Davids take on Eclipse. I have a feeling he'll step it up like Chris did.

    A squee is threatning to burst forth, here...

  6. *Already freaking out even though I don't know it's a trailer* !!!! XD

  7. I'm not ready for anything dealing with "Eclipse" at the moment. Ducking from all the shoes, plates, and cuss words coming my way.

  8. @TJB....I know what you mean about not being ready. My heart is still reeling from New Moon. I'm VERY overwhelmed. If I start seeing trailers now, I think it might make these next 6 months go slower. But of course I'm sure I'll change my mind once I see the first Ok, bring it on David !!!!!

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