December 9, 2009

Twilight Twitter's "Thank You" To Fans!

The official Twilight twitter has been promising fans a "thank you" for helping them reach 200k followers and delivered in the form of an exclusive teaser video and pic for Taylor's Saturday Night Live appearance!

As much as I heart Taylor (in a very Team Edward kinda way) and think he'll rock SNL, I gotta say that I was hoping for a lil' Eclipse somethin'somethin' ... just me?

TwiFans' Alison points out "We had a trailer for New Moon just weeks after it wrapped. David Slade it's time!!!!!" - good call, Alison... good call ;)

- Lorabell *starts slow clap*


  1. So cute, I can't wait to see how the show is.

    Hmm, I'm going through some things maybe I'm a werewolf.

  2. Wow. Was that really the big surprise? :( I was hoping for something Eclipse related too. It does say to stay tuned for a 2nd I still have hope.

  3. Aww yeah, I agree Lorabell :) I think Taylor's cool and all but I was so hoping for some Eclipse stuff LoL ^.^ Hopefully something soon :)

  4. Looking forward to the SNL show, too, but that "thank you" sucked, and not in a good, vampiry kind of way.

  5. I have to admit that I am secretly (er, or not so secretly, I guess) hoping for an RPatts cameo this Saturday - or - day I say it - the holy trinity?!

    [Yes I know I will be disappointed but a girl can dream, right?]

    : )

  6. Plaid to wear and a box to stand on
    Bless his little heart.


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