December 28, 2009

Tweet TCA for Top Twilight Site!

So, here's the deal fellow Twi-hards... we post in our spare time, often until veeery late and night, on top of (or sometimes at our) full time jobs and families because we're Twicrack addicts like you and love love love everything that gives us all a fix until those sparkling moments when we meet/mack-on/marry our fave Twi-cast of choice - it'll happen. Trust!

However, because we post the things other sites don't (i.e. all the leaked vids that get taken down and we have to keep replacing or pics we get lawyer letters about) we're not exactly on the "nice" list...

Although, we heart you all too much and wouldn't change a thing, it would be beyond all manor of schmexy epic win if this blog was voted amongst the top sites and "the man" had to include us for once - mu ah ah ah!

So, please please please - for every leaked teaser we've posted and reposted; for all the schmexy and funny pics we've uploaded; and for every late night past, present and future we try to keep up with all the crack - please tweet @Twilight that @TwiCrackAddict (and the awesomeness that is Twitarded!) is your top Twilight site!

Rob loves you :)


  1. I'll tweet for ya'! You know I'm all about stickin' it to Summit - lol... Hmmmm... If there's a list, can I be on it too pretty please with Robert Pattinson on top???


  2. I dont have a twitter,,
    but ill make one just to vote for you lorabell!
    and twitarded!!!!

  3. Aw, thanks so much Brookelynn *hearts*
    - Lorabell :)

  4. I'm behind on everything - but I'm doing this now.


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