December 6, 2009

Take THAT Twi-Product Placement ;)


There's a "Twilight" crime wave sweeping the nation -- particularly at Burger King restaurants -- and all the suspects seem to be the most fearless creatures on the planet ... teenage girls with a crush.

TMZ has learned multiple Burger King restaurants across the country are reporting life-size promotional posters of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are being ripped right off the BK windows in broad daylight ... horrible time for a vampire.

So far, the interstate theft has affected BKs in Maine, Delaware and Montana. One Burger King rep tell us, "The girls just walk up in the middle of the day ... rip off the posters and run ... we've had to replace them over and over."

I am LOVING this - I saw these in NYC and sooo wanted to swipe the one in my neighbourhood but some Twi-hard beat me to it!

I mean, seriously, which genius decided to make these:

a) Non-tacky


b) For the out-side window?!

From TMZ via TwiFans

- Lorabell :D


  1. I was *just* at BK yesterday for lunch and when I was walking out, a mom and two teenagers were walking in. They all eyed the Edward static and giggled. The mom came through the door first and the girls followed . . . the mom turned around to the girls and said, "And no, you can't take it." I laughed so hard and told them all, "Don't worry . . . everyone wants him," ha ha!

    So funny to see this on here today. :)

  2. @JennJam, that's so great LoL ^.^ I love these ♥

  3. well... glad im not the only one who has thought about trying to steal those. my roommates and i were actually contemplating simply asking if we could have them when the promotion was over, but we figured we had a better chance if grabbed them and ran.

  4. If Burger King had any since they would just sell them, and make some money!

  5. To be honest if I was Taylor or Rob I wouldn't like my face to be the reason behind the selling of unhealthy food to young kids (and some adults).

    Do they even get a say in this?

  6. I went to BK the other day and they had them, ,naturally I took a picture with them, when I walked in the restaurant the clerk said "you do that too?"

    but yeah I would totally take those

  7. Yeah, I was at BBK yesterday and noticed the life sized posters were gone. The smaller promotional ones were still there, but the life size ones were no where to be found. LOL! I wonder if the employees stole them!

  8. I was in Rite Aid and I saw Robs Vanity Fair cover at the register, turned my head and saw his face on other magazines, THEN, looked over by the photocenter before I paid and the Twilight series was on display with the Robward face. He's EVERWHERE! Rob must not be able to go anywhere. Id be mortified if my face was all over the place.

  9. I just got one of these clings from a friend who works at BK. Now I just have to figure out where to hang it so I don't scare the crap out of myself.

  10. new moon movie of twilight saga charmed me so much!!

  11. I have one of these of Edward, used, given to my daugther by the daughter of a burger king. She doesnt even want it, now if it were Jacob but nope its edward.


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