December 29, 2009

Swiftner is no more?! :(

But they're so cute together :(

Reliable Gossip Cop reports:

The couple, who met on the set of the movie “Valentine’s Day,” began dating a little more than three months ago, but “it just wasn’t happening,” a Swift source tells Gossip Cop.

The insider added, “They met, they liked each other, went out a few times, but the media made a bigger deal of it than it was because they’re young and attractive.”

And while the two Taylors each jokingly acknowledged their budding relationship when hosting “Saturday Night Live,” it was never a whirlwind romance. The source described it as two young people going on a few (well-documented) dates, but it never materializing into anything more serious.

The break-up, says the insider, was “not big or dramatic,” nor was the romance “contrived,” as an Us Weekly source termed it.

“It just wasn’t happening,” reiterated the source, who said the two stars are still “going to be friends.”

The first confirmation of their actual relationship is the announcement that they've split...if I was a vampire, this would be on of those times where I wouldn't be able to cry.

- Lorabell *sad panda*

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  1. Lorabell, even if news is bad you always make me smile ;) (sad panda?)

  2. Can someone say puplicity stunt romance??

  3. Aww if this is true, so sad :( They were so cute together, but whatever they are young ^.^

  4. I'm happy they broke up, I love Taylor Lautner and it made me sad that he had a girlfriend.

  5. Somewhere, when an angel learned of this breakup, it lost its wings.

  6. I actually liked him better with Selena Gomez. I thought they were cuter (:

  7. Yea i love him!! for shark boy lava girl and sky high!! but i say he did look with selena !!!

  8. But taylor swift she is so pale why would he like her i mean go for someone whos ur as dark as u man lol xoxoxoxox love ya taylor see u in ozzie

  9. can we please just leave them alone can't famouse ppl just be friends

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