December 11, 2009

Runaways Awesomeness Much?!

KStew + aviators + mullet = totes badass

Seriously lo-v-i-n-g the vintage badass combo - way to work the questionable fashion, gals!

Via SunDance

- Lorabell "Llllllladies!"


  1. Dakota looks like she just jumped out of the 70's,- totes awesome!

    And I agree with Kristen comment,- anyone else think she looks an itty bit like 90's Monica Geller?

  2. Kristen looks awesome !!!! I can't wait to see this movie. She's THE BEST !!!!

  3. LOVE IT! They look like my mom and her best friend right out of the 70's - can't believe how much Dakota has grown up! I just saw her on FRIENDS last night and she was 8...


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