December 21, 2009

PFact tweets condolences for Brittany


- Lorabell

P.s. Thanks sparklebbyface


  1. It was so unexpected ):

    Ps. There's a typo on her name.

  2. I know. That's crazy! No one dies at 32 from "natural causes"!

  3. Aww it's so sad, she will be missed :(

  4. Awesome actress
    she was always laughing ..
    miss you Brittany

  5. Peter is such a nice person. That was very sweet, what he said about her. RIP Brittany.

  6. Feel terrible for her family. I hate that the press is speculating so much about her cause of death. They're all like "oh they found s many prescription pills on her nightstand. Guess what? So do I, it where I keep all my meds, in the drawer. It doesn't mean I take them all or even on a regular basis. I've got muscle relaxers, heavy pain killers, migraine meds, thyroid meds, etc. but the nly one I take daily is my thyroid one. The migraine one is only when I get migraines and the painkillers & muscle relaxers are ONLY when my back pain is to horrible. MY POINT is that it's common for people to have a variety of meds at home, desn't mean they're addicts. But I can tell you that it's easy to forget you took one and make a BIG mistake and take another. I usually have to write it on a post it just in case.

    For the love of all that's decent, at least wait till the medical examiner's office finishes their investigation before publishing something about the cause. All these rumors could be damaging to her family. HAVE SOME RESPECT!



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