December 1, 2009

Oh, Epic LOL - Where Have You Been All My Twi-Life?!

Twitarded - just when I thought I couldn't heart you anymore, you blog this!

- Lorabell


  1. this is literally the funniest thing ever. it's worth the like $1 to download the entire rifftrax for twilight. i was laughing through the entire thing.

  2. omg, haha. "man, your blood would rock~"

  3. I must have watched that 30 times in a row.

    "Oh, I went up to Twin Peaks and killed Laura Palmer"

    "lines... lines..."

    Okay, have to watch it again.

  4. Gah a disclaimer needs posted to warn people to NOT watch when everyone else in the house is or shall I say WAS sleeping...LOL

  5. “I want to chomp into your throat
    And watch you bleed out on the floor
    Then I’ll bathe myself in your light essence as you die
    Tear your heart out of your chest and crack the bones and suck the marrow out
    Slice into your brain for sandwiches and maybe have an omlette made of…”

  6. MST3K! I HEART THEM SOOOO MUCH! ok, no more shouty caps, sorry.

    That damn song, Bellas lullaby, I'll NEVER listen to it the same, ever ever again! LMAO!

    I always thought the drive home from Port Angeles was the worst acting in the film. "line...line...." LOL! When Kristen says, "What is going on?" I always cringe. It's terrible. LOL!


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