December 10, 2009

Official Runaways Poster!

Yay for more KStew movies!

Via KristenStewartDaily

- Lorabell *eeek*

Update: If you live in, are nearby or have your own private jet to charter to the Madisson, WI area then get excited - Sundance just annouced a screening of the Runaways along with a Q&A - check out IndieWire for more info!


  1. CANNOT wait to see this movie. I love Kristen !!!!

  2. As excited as I am to see this movie - I'm wondering if it will focus on Joan and Cherie because of Dakota and Kristen's fame. Or will it give equal screen time for the ladies playing Sandy, Jackie, and Lita.

    I truly hope they get equal play especially since Lita Ford is a friggin' rock legend and rock n' roll goddess.

  3. Hi,

    I believe this is a fan-made poster. The photo is the bottom half of The Runaways' Live in Japan album cover, and the fine-print on the bottom states that it's a temporary poster. It looks awesome, though. Anyone know who made it or where they got it?

  4. Ah, here's the source of the poster:

    Cortni at coolspotters did a good job.

  5. TJB,*

    The film is based on cherie autobography. So the movie will focus more on dakota; She is the lead. And then kristen and after that the rest of the cast.


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