December 14, 2009

NM DVD Cover Revealed?!

New Moon DVD Cover

Via NewMoonMovie - or could it be another great manip like before?

- Lorabell


  1. Hmmm, just my guess, but I doubt it's the real one. I would think they would put the moon shot somewhere on the dvd. Or the other one they used for the movie posters. I cannot freaking wait for the dvd extra's & commentary on this one!

  2. They din't use the main photo for Twilight, and they had a different picture on the sleeve to on the actual thing. My guess is this is real!

  3. If this is real, I prefer the manip one.
    But whatev's I wan't whats in it!!

  4. Real or not, I just like the idea of the DVD coming out. It helps me pass the time away while I'm daydreaming about all the lovely extras that will be on the DVD.

  5. Hmmmmm. If this is a manip, it's pretty good. The side of it on the bottom is a bit iffy though. The 'stamps' (the things with 12 on them) just don't look like they are angled perfectly. They usually have a new picture as the cover too . It doesn't really matter though, it's the movie everyone wants!! Can't wait until it comes out!


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