December 13, 2009

New/Old KStew Shoot = happy bunny Lorabell :)

Good gah... someone please de-tag, HQ and email these stat!!!

See more at KStewartSource

- Lorabell ;)


  1. I know Kristen said she prefers her hair brown, but she rocks the blond too! Of course, I think she rocks the JJ mullet as well...

  2. Kristen is one of the few people that I actually think suits blonde hair better.

    It just makes her look - nicer, she has a very harsh almost intimidating tough girl look with dark hair but the blonde softens it somehow and I dunno... it's hard to explain. She's pretty with both but she looks better as a blonde. :]

  3. yea please.. no more tags..!!
    she looks gorgeous!! :)

  4. She's a beautiful blonde. Much prefer her with dark hair though.

  5. Is Kristen naturally blonde then? I prefer her dark :-P


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