December 22, 2009

New/Old Cake Eaters Candid

Kristen with Cake Eaters writer and co-star, Jayce Bartok.

For anyone who's not seen this, it's not your typical flick but Kristen is heart-breaking in it!

Thanks Ali :)

- Lorabell


  1. i cryed so much at that film :( KStew was brilliant though. She is so versatile is there anything she CAN'T do?
    <3 x

  2. I enjoyed "Cake Eaters" - Mary Stewart M. directing, why wouldn't I.

  3. Why Kristen rocks-she portrays a girl who WILL die from her disease, and yet you don't feel an instant of pity for her. She portays Georgia the way I think people with Friedriechs Ataxia would want to be seen-not as victims to be pitied, but as brave people who are celebrating the life they DO have.

  4. Not too many people can do what Kristen did in portraying the sickly girl in the Cake Eaters, but why was it called the Cake Eaters?

  5. I would assume it was called Th Cake Eaters because, you can't "Have your cake, and eat it too". May-haps in reference to Georgia's life, the way Georgia's mom feels about her daughter's disease. Or something to that degree.

  6. @ CullenLovin...thanks for answering, I think I understand what you mean.


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