December 8, 2009

New Yellow Handchief Clip

Sorry I've been a bit MIA the past few days, guys - I've had some family stuff going on... but there's nothing that can bring me out of it like some southern KStew.
yellow handkierchief

Thanks to Ali for emailing in this Yellow Handkerchief teaser (and maybe new photo?) - enjoy :)

Via DeamonsMovies

- Lorabell


  1. Welcome back! I always get so distracted by your amazing gifs on the sidebar, that I lose track of the post :) I hadn't seen this clip or picture before. I love William Hurt, too. Thanks for posting it.

    17 Forever

  2. Oooooh this looks good :) So excited to see it.

    Lovely to have you back Lorabell, we've missed you! xxxx

  3. Don't get me wrong I did think Kristen looked like Bella in NM.
    But there is a part of me that thinks she looks more like Bella in the YH...
    I think its the untamed hair.

  4. Glad you're back Lorabell, hope all's ok in RL

  5. Lol. That clip is kinda disturbing to me for some reason.

  6. any one knows when the yellow handkerchief comes out


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