December 12, 2009

New Videos: Rob's top 5 tips for dumping a girl

How to dump a girl by Robert Pattinson - smooth, Rob. Smooth.

Twilight vs American Pie?


... or Werewolves?

Questions from French-fans

Thanks to Lozia from Twilight-France for emailing in these new French interviews from New Moon promo

- Lorabell

Update: See below for translations from the Twitastic Alycya!


  1. Quiz:
    Vampire or Werewolf?

    Vampires… Video:
    How often do you shave?
    How often do u look in mirror?
    Do u tan or burn?
    Do u sing Clair De Lune?
    Wine or water with your meat?
    Robs a werewolf!

    Or Werewolves? Video:
    Same questions as before
    Taylor’s a Werewolf!

    Seconded Chris Video:
    Does he know his vampires and werewolves?
    What’s the best film with werewolves but isn’t American?
    What’s another franchise with teenagers and werewolves?
    Who played the first teenage werewolf?
    Which are the three manners of killing Dracula?
    Name five actors having played Dracula?
    Chris is more vampire than werewolf

    Last Video:
    Do you find Edward is too prudish with Bella?
    In the history of love like that of Bella and Edward is it possible in our time?
    Which character traits can u relate with?
    Is it nice to belong to the success of The Twilight Saga?
    Which other character in the film would u like to play?
    What is the most original gift you received from a fan?

  2. @Alycya: Thanks, sweets - you're awesome!
    - Lorabell xxx

  3. Thank you so much Alycya, those are cute ^.^

  4. "Don't go out with their friends afterwards...". Lesson learned from his romance with Nikki? ;)


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