December 23, 2009

New Pics - Rob & Kristen on Eclipse Set!

A little fuzzy but *eeek* - where's a teaser trailer already?!

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell

P.s. Heart the knitting!


  1. Ewww, Bella's Eclipse wig is awful. Dreading it putting me off in the film.

  2. yeah, the wig bugs me, but so does edward's hair. I miss his long signature twilight/anime hair!

  3. she looks likes her chemo got in the way of her filming. that is if she had cancer...which she doesnt. i hate the wig. i have to agree with stan. the teaser trailer better knock my socks off...down with the wig!

  4. Gah... hate the wig...

  5. I can't understand why she didn't use a wig for Runaways. AGH! Don't like the wig.

  6. Even through the blurry pictures I can tell her wig is going to totally ruin this whole film. It will be super distracting.

  7. Not sure about the wig yet. But do you think that we'll get a xmas present in the form of an Eclipse Trailer?????

  8. Wig shmig. The New Moon pics we saw before the trailer was released were the same-her wig was distracting, and unrealistic. Then the movie came out, and it was fine. I'm sure this will be fine as well.

  9. I have a feeling Eclipse will be dubbed "WIG-GATE" and it saddens me :( I hope "the wig" is not too distracting! Eclipse WAS my fav book but after Chris Weitz's wonderful job on New Moon, It's now New Moon :)

    I'm just scared for Eclipse *sob*

  10. 1. The wig is aweful. :(
    2. In the promo Eclipse pic it didn't look like a wig. :)
    3. But in the promo pic we don't get a very good view of it. :l

    4. Is the knitting just Kristen or is this going to be a thing Bella is going to do in the film? :S

  11. I have said it before and I'll say it again: I could care less that she is wearing a wig. Kristen had EVERY RIGHT to cut her hair for the runaways. I will not be destracted my her hair/wig during the movie because I find that there are a million more important things to take from it.

    I'm not telling anyone how to feel, I understand perfectly that you all have the right to say and feel what you would like. (regarding the matter)

    I just feel awful for the actors who put their heart and sweat into making Eclipse, only to have it thought a failure. All because of one insignificant prop/detail.

  12. I totally agree with the last comment, who the f*ck cares about that stupid wig? Are you all freakin serious if you think this wig will ruin the movie?! GOD! Then your really really pathetic..

    And seriously Diana? Edward's hair in Twilight sucked.. It didn't ruin the movie, I'm not that stupid too think that.. but he totally looked like Tintin with the Twilight hair..

  13. I can't wait for Eclipse, it was my favorite ^.^ I think it's going to be great. They will probably fix the wig, but if not, I don't think that's going to hurt the movie at all.

    Also, I really really really love Edwards hair, very hot ^.^

  14. lieke_rietjens - Are YOU serious? If Edward's Twilight hair sucked than why is it that the world fell in love with him and mentioned his hair in every freakin' interview back then? Why is it that fans always wanted to pull out a lock of his hair? I'm pretty sure all of the fans back then did love his big head of hair! The hair obviously did him justice. It's just that Twilight's considered to be an "old" movie now so everyone's just concentrating on the present and future and think are blinded into think Rob looks good no matter what.

  15. frikin annoyed lol.December 24, 2009 at 2:39 PM

    Man there are shallow fans out there... No offence, but it just gets on my nerves! SHUT UP ABOUT KRISTENS WIG!


    because u sound stupid and naive every time u go on about it. Just look at the only official eclipse photo of edward and bella staring at each other in the meadow - look at the wig. Its spot on normal am i right?.

    Im telling you, in the official stuff their "hair" and their "look" is gng to be fine, so fine that u wont notice how different they were from NM.

    Judging the appearance of the stars via paparazzi photos is just pointless because just as david slade once said, paprazzi cameras are zoomed so much because they are taking pics from a long distance, making their final pictures so distorted and blurry and thus the wig = distracting.

    So therefore... can u actually think before you make a drama about superficial things. goodness.

  16. Diana, I love it that he has so many hair. But I hated the tuft (?), was too much :P
    His hair now in New Moon and Eclipse is perfect ^^

  17. It seems that they aren't putting much money into making the Twilight saga, then they mine huge sums of profit off of it and they use those profits to invest in more schlock aimed at males 18-35 with an IQ lower than 80, medias precious and preferred audience. The wig looks bad!

  18. I really hope Summit doesn't release TOO much detail this time. I sat through New Moon and had already seen most of the movie in released trailers and photos.

    I don't think I'll be surfing the blogs as much....I felt really disappointed there wasn't much I HADN'T seen of the movie....


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