December 18, 2009

New(ish) nearly nekkid Nikki shoot ;)

Well, OK not that nekkid - but the title practically wrote its-self!

It's nice to see new photos of Nikki - now we just need some Jackson ones... what is he, shy?!

Via Lion&Lamb

- Lorabell


  1. I don't care what anyone says - Nikki is beautiful. Not a fan of this type of pictorial, but she looks great in it.

  2. she's beautiful!
    but you put these up befoe i think :)

  3. Jeah Jackson! Come on! Give us some Jackpics!

  4. I like the tat below her arm pit. Anyone know what it says?

  5. I love Nikki, and she is absolutely gorgeous, but the whole "serious, sexy" look doesn't do her justice. When she's laughing, she is stunning.

  6. Yeah I'm not a fan of this sort of mens mag portrait. Yet it probably reflects her personality more than that most women who do it. I am also not a Nikki fan but I don't see why they insist on making her blond in Twilight, why don't they just let her be beautiful and brown haired. She does not look good as a blond and insisting on that hair color is kind of dumb.


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