December 2, 2009

New KStew pics - WTTR is selected for Sundance!

New pics from Welcome To The Rileys - get used to the acronym ;) - she's not meant to get it on with James Gandolfini, right? ...Right???

But seriously, I'm excited to actually see this movie - we don't know much, but what we've heard is impressive, as...

ProNetworks announces that Welcome To The Riley's has been selected as one of 113 competitors (out of 3724 runners) to go to Sundance and of only 16 Dramatic entrants!

Also, The Runaways will be premiered at Sundance but as a non competitor.

More pics at HitFix via KStewInfo - thanks AshleyTWA!

- Lorabell

P.s. Adventureland's Jesse Eisenberg is going to be there with his new film "Holy Rollers" as is Ashley Greene's "Skateland" :)


  1. I'm really excited to see this (:
    It looks really good so far.

    And the whole Gandolfini thing:
    I think he's playing the dad who
    lost his daughter. Kristen offers
    but he declines her 'service'.

    Lol. Rob a troubled bad boy.
    Kristen a trouble stripper.

  2. I can't wait to see this movie.Seems very good so far

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  4. This is exciting!! I want to see Kstew in this role...something completely different and new for her!!!

  5. I've always had a crush on James Gandolfini. He's not sexy in a traditional sense but there is something about him...

    I will definately check this movie out!

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  7. I'm a huge fan of James Gandolfini (c'mon, I'm from Jersey and was addicted to the Sopranos) and I'm interested to see how KStew and him interact. He's intense in everything I've ever seen him in. True Romance comes to mind...

  8. I really hope this film is good and that the media and twilight fans don't eat kristen alive like they usually do when it comes to her.
    I'm crossing my finger for it. But i'm so biased when it comes twilight fans and the degree of hate thay have for this young lady. But a woman can dream.Can't she?

  9. Kristen looks smokin' in the screen out girl crush warning!


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