December 1, 2009

New KStew Welcome to the Riley's & The Yellow Handkerchief pics

Ooooh - can't wait to see this flick - thanks Ali :)


- Lorabell

Update: Whilst we're at it, check out stills from The Yellow Handkerchief at Celebuzz

And a the trailer :)


  1. Both "Remember Me" and "Welcome to the Riley's" look like really interesting films.

    I will diffintly go see these regardless of the fact they both have two amazing actors I adore.
    The plots seem very intriguing, great choice's guys!

  2. FINALLY!!!! But I want a trailer!!!

  3. This story line looks so awesome. I really hope that they make it well. Judging by the actors, it should be phenomenal!!

  4. looks pretty f*cked up. can't wait to see it. Kristen always plays these really interesting characters. she's definitely one of my favorite actresses. she's just so good.

  5. Kstews a bad actress, a tree has more emotion than her. don't get me wrong, I still like her and everything--she's cool! it's just that I don't think she was good as bella, or in any of her films. sorry. *how much you wanna bet in a few minutes I'll have hate comments towards me. ;)*


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