December 3, 2009

Lawsuit against Stephenie is DIMISSED!


Little Brown Books released this statement to Twilight Lexicon:
“The Honorable Otis D. Wright II of the United States District Court has ruled in favor of Stephenie Meyer and Hachette Book Group and has dismissed with prejudice Jordan Scott’s claim of copyright infringement.

In his ruling, Judge Wright stated that the two works have little in common and that the “characters in the two works are vastly different.” The decision admonishes Scott for “the deceptive presentation of the alleged similarities” and notes that she “has twice manipulated aspects of the subject works in order to create the appearance of similarity.”

While an attempt to ride on someone else’s success may not be surprising, it is encouraging that the courts and the public are not so easily misled.

This judgment confirms what we have known all along – Breaking Dawn is a wholly original work by Stephenie Meyer and this was a frivolous lawsuit brought for the purposes of publicizing the plaintiff’s personal publishing aspirations. Hachette Book Group and Stephenie Meyer are pleased to be able to put this case behind us.”
Via TwiFans

We heart you, Stephenie *hugs* go chillax now!

- Lorabell :D

P.s. I'm thinking we might get the super-duper officially double stamped green-light for the movie now ;)


  1. yey good news! congrats stephenie!

    Here's some more Breaking Dawn news for ya

    the prelash begins!

  2. What is the world coming to when a person can not even be talented without someone trying to sue them.

  3. Yes Stephenie "chillax" as Lorabell says....and then PLEASE FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN!!!

    pretty please?
    with a cherry on top?

  4. How did I miss this? :O
    What was the lawsuit???

  5. Good for her. Finally she can enjoy the success! Breaking dawn is being made b/c NM did. So well

  6. mmmm!!! she's hot!!!

  7. Woot Woot Yay Stephenie!!! I agree... go chillax, Steph and have a lovely, stress free holiday. Perhaps then you'll feel inspired to write a little something....... Aw hell Stephenie, listen to your mum ... get crackin' on Midnight Sun! Mother's always know best! *wink* *wink*


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