December 20, 2009

Is it a little early for Valentines?

*nom nom nom*

Via TwiFans

Speaking of Valentine's day, Swiftner's movie of same name released a new trailer and poster - enjoy:


- Lorabell <-- candy face


  1. I adore Gary Marshall even though I can't stand, can't stand "Pretty Woman" - but, I like the "Twilight" series - go figure.

    I can't wait to go see this movie. I'm still laughing at, "young love, full of promise, full of hope, ignorant of reality." Can't wait!!!

  2. Oh, I forgot - got distracted by the trailer.

    A part of me wants to get these chocolates, but will be to embarrassed to buy them for myself.

  3. Aww never too early for some chocolate and some Twilight Saga stuff ;) The movie looks so cute, I love the Taylors ^.^ That kiss was pretty hot ;)

  4. Wtf, I thought Taylor had a lead in this movie.. They don't even mention him when they say the names of the actors..

    ps. TJB.. How can you not stand Pretty Woman!?
    It's a classic ^^

  5. Those chocolates look delicious...
    - The smooth, buttery and creamy milk chocolate melting on your tongue as the crunchy wafer biscuit moistens in your mouth.

    Mmmm... *goes to the kitchen cupboard*

  6. Movie looks kind of blah...I might netflix/redbox it though.

  7. never to early for some twichoc ;)

    Taylor looks great in this movie :] I just saw him on TV at "My Wife and Kids" he was 'bout 10 or 11 in that episode =3


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