December 16, 2009

A HALE load of Runaways deets...

Woah... where to start?

First, we have these fab new photos from the Runaways set with Kristen and Dakota - totes glam-rock bad ass!

Via TwiFans

Second, KStewartFans got the low down on distribution through Apparition with US release set for March 19th - WHOOP!

Also, some lucky mo' fo' got to see an early screening and Tweet about it's general awesomeness :)

Aaand *drumroll* the EFFING TRAILER is going to be live on MTV TOMORROW - sweeeeeeet!

Via KStew411

...*phew* who thinks this movie is going to rock out?

- Lorabell *hands up*


  1. *Hand is up (and frantically waving like crazy)*

    It's going to be epic!
    I love the song they sing in the teaser trailer!


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