December 26, 2009

When's will we see an Eclipse trailer?!

Well, if David doesn't know... come on, Sumit :/ let's bring in the New Year on an Eclipse note?

Anyone know of any awards ceremonies they might be waiting to premiere it at?!

- Lorabell *fingers crossed*

P.s. A while ago I posted a great fan-trailer set to Florence + the machine's "Cosmic Love" - if anyone has time to make an Eclipse one set to Florence's "Howl" then I might heart you for a very long time :)


  1. Yay for this trailer! Thanks Lorebell! This was my introduction to Florence and I'm so glad you mentioned it again. Now that I've seen New Moon 4 times, that trailer is even more awesome. Maybe some Florence for Eclipse (or Breaking Dawn)?!

  2. People's Choice maybe?? That is so soon though... IDK.

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