December 30, 2009

Eclipse Release Dates - Whoop Whoop!

Argentina 30 June 2010
Brazil 30 June 2010
Egypt 30 June 2010
Kazakhstan 30 June 2010
USA 30 June 2010
Netherlands 1 July 2010
New Zealand 1 July 2010
Finland 2 July 2010
Norway 2 July 2010
Turkey 2 July 2010
UK 9 July 2010
Germany 15 July 2010

According to the IMDB - i.e. details may be subject to change, aka you better make the UK the same as the US *bitch face* - these are the international release dates for Eclipse - eeek!

Now can we have a trailer? Puhleeeease?!

- Lorabell


  1. This will be one epic summer! Eclipse was my favorite out of the whole series. I. CANNOT. WAIT! xD

  2. Eclipse is my fav too! And OMG... The release in my country is on my frikkin birthday, AND it's on a Friday! Double score! I'll have to throw together a Twilight-New Moon-beer-Eclipse-beer-vampire-eeh beer party then! :D

  3. They have a release date for Kazakhstan but not for Canada? WTF, Summit?

  4. Uh NO. They better not make the UK wait longer than the US!! This just won't do at all! Hmmmmph!

  5. what about Australia?

  6. why is there never Canada dates??

  7. wtf, finland before UK?? :DDD Haha, i live in finland, so i dont mind but still.. Lol:DD

  8. I understand there are fans in Kazakhstan but really?
    There are gonna be TONS more fans in the UK than there who want to see it.

    Can anyone even locate Kazakhstan on a map with out cheating?
    ... I thought so.

  9. UGH WHATTT. NOT HAPPY. Why does the UK have to wait longer than the US? Thought it was better when the brought it out at the same time. stops illegal downloads. DUHH!

  10. The Norwegian premiere is on June 30th ;)
    Originally it was on July 2nd as listed, but then it was moved to June 30th

  11. Marianne u think it's weird that it's on in finland before UK ?? well it's on in Egypt before UK !!!! which is awesome because i live in Egypt so i guess we're both lucky .

  12. I'm wondering why there's a New Zealand but no Australia. Crazy.

  13. agh! what about mexico? =\ ????
    i might be over there during the summer! omg no!

  14. The danish premiere is on June 30th too.! Yay! :D

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