December 28, 2009

Deleted NM Scenes?


Supposedly when Edward brings Bella home from Italy!

I'm definitely getting a very "I don't want you to step one foot inside my door" vibe from Charlie...

What else can we look forward to? Come on DVD extras!

Via RobPattzNews

- Lorabell


  1. OMG where I can find the video?? plis? i need it know

  2. Aww I can't wait to see all of those, sweet ;)

  3. aww I wish they would have left it in the movie. that was one of the parts that I felt was really choppy.

  4. Two things:

    ONE: this pic is actually in the NEW MOON Movie Companion book
    TWO: I agree that this scene should have definitely been left in the movie.

    Thank God we know the books so well because if we didn't then SO MUCH of the movie would be a lot WHAT THE HELLS?!

    For example (If we didn't know the books at all):

    Charlie grounds Bella for the 'rest of her life'. She takes off to the Cullens' a minute later. CHARLIE IS AWAKE. How did she get to the Cullens' without Charlie knowing?

    I understand that so much needs to be omitted for the movie's sake of time and length, but CHRIST, I would be lost without the books.


  5. OOOH! One more can see Bella ASLEEP in the back seat!!!!

  6. ooh, i think we MIGHT have another possible deleted scene

    remember the beginning part of the 3rd new moon trailer where both Alice and Bella are in the truck then Alice says "You're a human, who knows entirely too much about us. They could kill us all". watch the 3rd trailer, and you'll see.

    now was that part in the movie? nope. so i guess we've seen a NM deleted scene!

    kinda like at the Twilight trailer, where the part where Emmett says "She's not one of us" (where in Emmett was in a hoodie) turned out to be a deleted scene :|

  7. yeah, but it's the same with the part where Alice said in the trailer; 'you're a human. who knows entirely too much about us. they could kill us all' we didn't see that in the movie, either. so COME ON DVD EXTRAS!!

  8. In one of the trailers they bella also comments about the size of her birthday cake and that is totally not in the final film

  9. another scene in one of the trailers, (and the comic con scenes) where Bella shouts "No! Edward don't!" as she runs and stops Edward from revealing himself

  10. I already saw this pic on THIS blog...


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