December 9, 2009

Coz THAT's how bad-ass KStew is! ;)

Kristen's Interview magazine cover was voted into the Top 10 Magazine Covers from TIME magazine's Top 10 Everything of 2009!

This is a hauntingly beautiful rendition of a visual pun — allusion meets illusion.

The model for Interview's 40th anniversary issue is actress Kristen Stewart, who currently stars in the monster hit Twilight series. Using her as the model is a masterstroke of celebrity-cover timing, perfectly executed.

The image is two photos — if you pull back, you can see her holding over her own face a same-scale, torn black-and-white photo of her, whose only color is in her blood-red lips. The ghoulish makeup is perfectly in keeping with current fashion photography, and it serves the dual purpose of enhancing the metaphor while making her look drop-dead beautiful.

A final touch: the allusion gets heightened by more blood, this time on the fanglike letter I in the logo. That's why the lady is a vamp!

And, whilst we're on it, Kristen's "Adventureland" and (my blossoming girl-crush) Anna's "Up In The Air" were voted in the 10 Best Films of 2009 by The New Yorker - whoop whoop!

Via KStewartNews and TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. That photo spread in "Interview" was amazing. But, I adore everything that McDean does - he is a friggin' master of the camera, a creative genius. That cover is just amazing. One of my fave pics of all time, not just fav pics of Kristen, just one of my fav pics of all taken.

  2. OME! Did anyone else only realise that the I in the title is like a fang with blood on the end... only AFTER reading the article?

    I've seen this cover a dozen times and never realised!
    - I feel so stupid lol.

  3. If Kristen was any more badass, it would be a crime. Love her to pieces.

  4. That picture she's holding can't be a picture of herself.. The mouth is really too big on the picture she's holding..


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