December 11, 2009

Bella needs a Yellow Handkerchief

KStew, your insane amount of movies are giving me whiplash

the famous Twilight kissing scene redone with William Hurt ("mom, please don't hang up, i need to pretend i'm busy so this old weirdo won't try to kiss me in slow-mo and throw me down on the bed in a fit of passion")

if only that dude was Tattward, and that chick was me, and that car was an Audi, and that grass was the side of a highway (holla CWAIA!)

so somebody (i forget who, cuz i talk to SO many important people allllll the time ;) obvs - but thanks to whoever brought it up) mentioned that KStew looked a little more Bella-esque in The Yellow Handkerchief than she does in the actual Twilight movies. and, uhh, i'm inclined to agree after these new stills that popped up! the hair is a little more red/auburn, and even though the clothes are a little more country than Bella would wear... those soft soled shoes are totally owning me a little right now.

so what do you guys think? does she resemble Bella more in these pics than in the actual Twi movies?

p.s. i'm just really glad that William Hurt wasn't cast as Edward. anyone else?

via Robert and Kristen Online!


  1. I completely agree! she looks 'softer' so to say in these pictures, more bella like

  2. OME! That was me who said that. lol

    hehe :D

  3. @Alycya: Lol, I remember :)
    - Lorabell

  4. Uhhhm...there's wolves in the painting in the background as well! thanks for bringing to me yet another coffee on the keyboard spit-take! AND, all kidding aside, I am amped about the movies she has in the works!

  5. I really loved the shout-out to CW&IA...god, I loved that scene too! *whew*....And YES thank God...William,, can you imagine a parody of select Twilight/New Moon scenes with him & Kristen...Now that might be good for a laugh!


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