November 30, 2009

Holy CROW - NM makes $230.95M US & $473.8M worldwide!

Ka-CHING! What's that you say - I don't have to drive this piece of junk truck anymore?

Didn't Twilight make something like $400M last... YEAR? Am I wrong?! *goes to research figures*

Get the full break down at ProNetworks

- Lorabell


  1. Good! I made sure to drag my whole family to see it. Lol (:

  2. $380M for Twilight in FOUR months!! $473.8M for New Moon in ONE week!! Unbelievable!! I saw it 3 times and loved it every time!!

  3. That's so awesome ^.^
    *Gives a one finger salute to the critics* LoL ;)

  4. i feel like i just opened my wallet and gave it to New Moon. 5 times and counting.

  5. FAB-U-LOUS.....and very well deserved too!! :D x

    @Jade514 I'm with you for the salute to the critics ;) xxx haha!

  6. i thought it was good but it had its down sides

    but what a great start for eclipse


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