November 19, 2009

What better way to kick off New Moon day?!

Yeow - well hellooo! How did I miss these schmexy Rob out-takes?! *drool*

See even more hawtness at Vanity Fair

- Lorabell


  1. Thank you Lorabell for posting these. These pics renews my faith that goodness does exist in this world.

  2. It also reaffirms the fact that the editors of People magazine are idiots!

  3. You should post his Letterman interview from last nite :

    I tried to find the full interview, but just came into work..shhhh!

  4. All of them are so sexy, that last one is my fave *sigh* ^.^

  5. last one is my fav as well, but im also a HUGE fan of the lobster bib... :D
    thank u for posting these.
    now off to the theatere to wait in line with my fellow twicrackheads :D

  6. Thank you for the a great start to my day! I can't wait for the midnight showing tonight!! :)

  7. Did anyone see Rob from the Today show? Im not sure if he was being sarchastic or not, somtimes it's hard to tell, but he said he's been dating non stop through out the year, non stop. He also said he was dating Kristen Stewart, but still, Im not sure if he was being sarchastic.

    Lorabell, please find it and post it.

  8. Kerri--Rob was defintely trying to avoid the question about Kristen by being funny and answering ALL of the questions sarcastically. Last night when Letterman asked him about Kristen, he said he was trying to "answer that question cryptically all week" but Dave cut him off--made me mad too because I think Rob was ready to cave. Would a firm refusal need a cryptic answer???

    But I do think our boy is in love--there was an interview he did at the LA premiere that he said "he will have something to tell his grandkids about when he is old" that was the most positive uplifting thing he has ever said regarding a future for himself and not self-deprecating about his failed previous relationships where he always gets dumped. LOL!!!

    His blatant nonanswering of the question as to whether or not he is dating Kristen (just like when asked by Ryan Seacrest in his red carpet sound booth youtube that one)just really reinforces that he MUST be. It is obvious the studio is forcing them to keep their distance, which seems so dumb. Also seems blatant that Kristen keeps getting paired up with Taylor and hugging him and kept away from Rob. poor things, I hope their relationship survives this!!

  9. Oh, and Lorabell, you score the coolest pics! that first pic needs a comment like, "I'm lonely here in this big bed by myself, care to join me?" lol

  10. WELL ALL!! Just saw an early showing of New Moon, it was done well. CW did a good job actually was funny. As far as the emotional rollercoaster, I just didn't get that coming across the screen from KS. Not trying to put her down, I think they all did a great job, but in my mind reading the books Bella is just a more emotional person- crying for one- never sheds a tear. The wolf stuff was great and did carry the movie. After so many teasers on this website, it was nice to see the final product and they changed some scenes from the promotional clips too. I won't say anything, cause you all need to see it for yourselves. I think overall everyone will be pleased with the film. I'm seeing it again Sat with some friends/family. So maybe the experience will be different. Well to all Happy New Moon weekend.

  11. DUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've just seen NEW MOON! Im from argentina so it got to cinemas sooner cause we have new movies every thursday, not friday.
    I seriously had 0 expectations and got out with a huuuuuuge grin on my face.
    It's like almost word by word, page by page, THE BOOK! Of course it has some twisted things cause not everything's gonna be the EXACT same in the movie but... god... it was INCREDIBLE.
    You guys are going to enjoy it very much!

  12. Love the lobster bib picture!! How does one make a Lobster bib look hot??!! I mean really, how does Rob do it??!!! Sigh just makes me want to lick butter off of him...did I just say that outloud. lol


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