November 6, 2009

USA Today: Twilight Fans Swarm Volterra

USA Today has an article on Volterra's growing tourism industry due to the Twilight Saga:

This small Tuscan city with an ancient Etruscan history has become a cult destination among traveling teenagers and people in their 20s (not to mention some vampire-loving mothers), thanks to the phenomenon Twilight. In the series' second book, author Stephenie Meyer set a crucial scene between heroine Bella and her undead soul mate Edward in Volterra — and, as The Twilight Saga: New Moon prepares to open as a movie Nov. 20, fans are dying to retrace the tormented couple's steps.

Backpackers carrying battered copies of New Moon duck through the narrow alleyways of the walled city, which has about 12,000 residents. Souvenir shops hawk calendars, mugs and T-shirts bearing the tousled likeness of actor Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward in the films.

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  1. ...this is just great... these Tuscan historical cities - very near to Florence, SanGimignano, Siena, Montepulciano etc. are so wonderful, so incredibly unique that it will be an opening of minds to young people/young Americans etc. whatever the motives might be to go there (even if some fantastical vampire-monsters did the job), it will be rewarding....

  2. Its amazing, really. Think of all the history this place has seen, and then an american book series comes along in the twenty first century to bring Voltera to everyones attention. Its ammusing actually.


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