November 5, 2009

Six New Swoony HQ New Moon Stills

Ooh...who doesn't love intense Edward? I just wanna rub that wrinkle out of his brow. :-)

Clicky all below for BIG!

Source: Twilight hot news via TwiFans


  1. LOL, dang - I was just saving these to post, lol!
    - Lorabell ;)
    P.s. Where are Bella's bracelets?!

  2. hi lorabell! hehe. i'm distracting myself from you know what. but feel free to change / modify!! xoxo

  3. Hi :) happy to see you blogging - you need the distraction ;)

  4. Awww tortured Edward makes my heart break xx :(

  5. hey! with all of these awesome new Moon about a new banner?! this ones been up since i found you guys a year ago!! lol

  6. Dunno why, but I really like the first one of Kristen, the one in the woods. :]

    And the Aro one so needs a caption photoshopped on there. :P

  7. Alex Meraz rocks my socks!!! I'm almost afraid to click on the big version of the wolfpack photo for fear I'll pass out, my co-workers will hear my head THUD on my desk and come over to investigate, only to find I was on TwiCrack at work! LOL!!!

  8. Ok, I'm sorry but I am still PISSED over how Aro looks.........NOT the Aro from the book that's for long robe would have been so much more menacing than an all black suit.

  9. For the first time in the history of my obsession with Rob I am officially dazzled!
    Looking into those intense golden eyes, I couldn't look away, my mind went blank...just like Bella. There was no reaction other then...HOLY CROW, how can he do this to me?!


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